The Books

Below is a list of my novels, beginning with the more recent ones. Some that are no longer in print with the original publishers are available as ebooks or in paperback or can often be sourced through

The Marsh and Daughter Casebook
Amy Myers 

The casebook contains the first four Marsh and Daughter mysteries:
The Wickenham Murders, Murder in Friday Street, Murder in Hell’s Corner,
and Murder and the Golden Goblet. Enjoy!

Death and the Singing Birds
A Nell Drury Mystery

It’s high summer in 1926 and new neighbours from an avant garde artistic group in Paris bring murder in their wake, a murder that closely affects Wychbourne Court.

Chef Nell Drury leaps to the defence when suspicion falls on one of her fellow upper servants.

Death at the Wychbourne Follies
A Nell Drury Mystery

It’s 1926, it’s January and it’s snowing, and Wychbourne Court is entertaining friends from Lady Ansley’s days on the stage at the old Gaiety Theatre. But their performance of the Follies that she had planned as entertainment turns to nightmare as old secrets cast their long shadow.

Chef Nell Drury is there to investigate when murder strikes.

Dancing with Death
A Nell Drury Mystery

1925. The fashionable Bright Young Things of London have descended on Wychbourne Court, the Kentish stately home of Lord and Lady Ansley, for an exotic fancy dress ball followed by a midnight ghost hunt.

Chef Nell Drury knows she is in for a busy weekend. What she wasn’t expecting was a sudden, violent murder.

Tom Wasp and the Seven Deadly Sins
A Victorian Mystery

1865. Chimney sweep Tom Wasp and his apprentice young Ned are called into action when they find a antiquarian bookseller murdered near St Paul’s Cathedral.

The hunt takes them into the shady depths of London’s literary world as Tom struggles to save his friend street-performer Phineas from the gallows.

Classic at Bay
Crime in the Fast Lane, starring Jack Colby, car detective

The once notorious cabaret singer Adora Ferne guards a private treasure trove of twelve classic Jaguars, each donated by a former lover, but she hankers after the one that is missing.

Enter Jack Colby, who has been commissioned to buy the thirteenth dream car from its owner. But what seems a simple task is far from that, and Jack finds himself racing into danger.

Tom Wasp and the Murdered Stunner
Amy Myers

As a chimney sweep in Victorian London’s poverty-stricken East End, Tom is highly flattered to be ask to model for a painter in fashionable Chelsea. But then the beautiful and warm-hearted Bessie Barton, who is his co-model is found brutally murdered.

Murder in the Queen’s Boudoir
Amy Myers

The ghost of the tragic Queen Marie Antoinette walks again at the Petit Trianon in 1906, but the dead body found in the queen’s bedchamber is no ghost.

Master chef Auguste Didier has to track down the murderer before murder strikes again.

Look for me by Moonlight
Harriet Hudson

Beth, daughter of the landlord of the Wheatsheaf  Inn, is the dark-eyed fiery belle of the village with her life before her: carefree and heartfree.

Until Richard Lyle, a handsome, daredevil student barrister, bursts into her life one hop-picking season, to change it for ever.

Other crime novels by Amy Myers

Jack Colby series:
Classic at Bay, Classic in the Dock, Classic Cashes In, Classic in the Pits, Classic Mistake, Classic in the Clouds, Classic Calls the Shots, Classic in the Barn (all published by Severn House, hard cover and ebook)

Auguste Didier series:
Murder in Pug’s Parlour, Murder in the Limelight, Murder at Plum’s, Murder at the Masque, Murder Makes an Entrée, Murder under the Kissing Bough, Murder in the Smokehouse, Murder in the Music Hall, Murder in the Motor Stable (originally published by Headline, and currently available as ebooks from Headline)
Murder with Majesty, Murder in the Queen’s Boudoir (originally published by Severn House and now issued as ebooks by Endeavour)

Marsh and Daughter series:
The Wickenham Murders, Murder in Friday Street, Murder in Hell’s Corner, Murder and the Golden Goblet, Murder in the Mist, Murder Takes the Stage, Murder on the Old Road, Murder in Abbot’s Folly (Available as ebooks and the first four as The Marsh and Daughter Casebook)

Tom Wasp series:
Tom Wasp and the Murdered Stunner, Tom Wasp and the Newgate Knocker (Available as ebooks. )

Short story collection:
Murder ‘Orrible Murder (Crippen & Landru, US), That’s the Way He Did It, (ebook)

Short stories by Amy Myers appear in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (edited by Janet Hutchings), Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (edited by Linda Landrigan), Strand Magazine, Best British Mysteries series and Best British Crime series (both edited by Maxim Jakubowski), Mammoth Book collections edited by Mike Ashley, and the Crime Writers’ Association anthologies (edited by Martin Edwards).

Other websites you might find of interest are the Crime Writers Association , The Crime Readers Association,, Mystery People,, Mystery Readers’ Journal,,, Pauline Rowson at, Judith Cutler, and Edward Marston at .

Sagas, Suspense and Historical Novels.

Into the Sunlight, Not in our Stars, To My Own Desire, Quinn, Catching the Sunlight, The Windy Hill, The Stationmaster’s Daughter, Applemere Summer (all originally published by Severn House under the name of Harriet Hudson. Currently being reissued by Endeavour as ebooks under the name of Amy Myers)
The Man Who Came Back, Tomorrow’s Garden (originally published by Severn House under the name of Harriet Hudson)

Look for Me by Moonlight, When Nightingales Sang, The Sun in Glory, The Wooing of Katie May, The Girl from Gadsby’s (all originally published by Headline under the name of Harriet Hudson and now available as ebooks under that name)

Pleasant Vices, The Lakenham Folly (both originally published by Headline under the name of Laura Daniels and now available as ebooks under that name)

The Great War Four Seasons quartet
The Last Summer (now renamed Summer’s End), Dark Harvest (originally published by Orion under the name of Alice Carr, now reissued by Allison & Busby in paperback and ebook under the name of Amy Myers). Winter Roses, Songs of Spring (originally published by Severn House, now reissued by Allison & Busby in paperback and ebook under the name of Amy Myers)