Welcome to my website. On my website you’ll find information about my crime novels, sagas and short stories. Many of the novels if not still in their original print form are available as ebooks, audio or in large print.

The Maid of Kent Murders, now available, is the ninth in my Marsh & Daughter series, in which Peter and Georgia Marsh investigate cold cases where they sense that justice has not been done.

Crossing swords with the eccentric owner of this country pub in Kent pitchforks them into a long-running village battle raging between Plantagenet and Tudor supporters. And then there’s the case of the actor who went missing so many years ago…


Death and the Singing Birds, is the third in my 1920s series starring Nell Drury, chef at the Wychbourne Court, the stately home of Lord and Lady Ansley, which is struggling to survive in the old style after the ravages and tragedies of the First World War. In this case new neighbours from an avant garde artistic circle in Paris bring murder in their wake to Wychbourne.


Tom Wasp and the Seven Deadly Sins, stars my Victorian chimney sweep Tom and his apprentice young Ned. They live in London’s crime-ridden East End but this gruesome case takes them to St Paul’s Cathedral and London’s nineteenth-century booksellers’ haunts.

Do explore this website through the menu above. I can be contacted via email at a.myers.author@gmail.com.