Ever designed a stately home?

It sounds so simple to plan a country house for a crime novel – but it isn’t. See where the heffalump pits lie in my article on Rachael Hale’s splendid site www.historymagpie.com
If you don’t yet know this site and you like old country houses and their history then waste no time. Make the site a regular.

Nell Drury’s first case published today

31st January 2017: This time last year Nell Drury was just a twinkle in my eye but within days I was hard at work researching 1920s country house living and designing Nell’s first case. She’s the chef at Wychbourne Court in Kent but finds she can turn her talents to detective work when thrust into the middle of a murder case during a ghost hunt. Dancing with Death is out today in the UK and will be published in the US on lst May. Meanwhile back to the research – Nell’s at the centre of another murder case now. Maybe Wychbourne is another Midsomer…

Gone missing

If I were a Victorian lady I would have fainted, and even in the 21st century I was tempted. Two weeks ago I visited my website to check something. Shock. Horror. Dear reader, I wasn’t there. I’d been hacked. Thanks to my splendid host, the site was up and running again a few days later, but all the copy had to be redone. I assure you that the big gap between this post and its predecessors isn’t sheer laziness on my part but because all the posts have vanished.

Now I can get back to Nell Drury, the 1920s chef at Wychbourne Court, whose first case, Dancing with Death, is to be published on 30 January 2017 in the UK and lst May in the US. Meanwhile, happy Christmas and happy New Year.